Open Payment

With the huge increase in popularity of contactless payments on the high street, many of our customers are now looking for ways to add open payment into their systems. As part of our total cashless solution we can easily integrate open payments into any system, whether it is new or old, and with or without a closed payment option.

At the till open contactless or chip & pin payment readers can be added alongside a closed cashless reader, and on vending machines we can incorporate our new Vendotek reader, which combines both closed and open payment in the one reader. Click here to find out more about vending.

When combining open payment with our Flex solution there are the added benefits of customisation, which can include personalised promotions, staff benefits and hospitality management at individual user or group level. Our management portal provides 24/7 visibility of transactions and machine status, enabling administrators to track and learn from their customer activity in real time.

We know that integration is also a key part of the service we offer, which is why our payment readers are compatible with the main RFID technologies used in secure access control systems, so they can be seamlessly integrated into your existing setup.

Ultimately, what customers really want is convenience and choice, and for system operators it’s about keeping costs down and increasing sales through better customer data. Having an integrated and flexible payment system in place is the key to achieving all of this.

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  • Choice of payment combinations

  • Multi-purpose readers

  • Fast transaction times

  • Integration with existing systems/software