Today’s customers and retailers need the flexibility to accept a variety of payment types at vending. We believe our innovative new terminal provides a future-proof and long-term option for those investing in new payment technology. The new Vendotek reader accepts both open contactless and closed cashless payment in one reader, giving your customer maximum choice and speedier payments.

The terminal accepts MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, and NFC mobile payments including Apple Pay, as well the option of Flexpay – Our closed loop payment system. The hardware and software is all EMVCo and banking industry PCI certified. A direct agreement between the operator and Elavon keeps things simple, and your transactions can be settled daily, weekly or monthly.

The readers can be fitted to brand new machines by the manufacturer or retrofitted to existing machines already on site. All terminals are supplied with roaming SIM as standard to maximize service availability.

When combined with our Flex solution it offers retailers the added benefits of customisation, which can include personalised promotions, staff benefits and hospitality management at individual user or group level, plus full visibility of all transaction data from their customer base. Our management portal provides 24/7 visibility of transactions and machine status, enabling administrators to track and learn from their customer activity in real time.

Offering a slick and well managed vending solution ensures your customers have access to food and drink supplies round the clock, and by removing cash you can say goodbye to issues with machine jams, counterfeit coins, running out of change and the downtime associated with emptying and reconciling the machines.

Our payment readers can also do much more than just manage your vending; they can also be fitted to other unattended on-site machines such as photocopiers, parking pay-points and laundry machines too, helping you to eliminate cash completely.

Quick and easy to install. The terminals connect to the bank using secure 3G Mobile Data communications. There is no need to connect to local LAN networks – simply plug into the vending machine and you’re ready to accept payments.

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  • Choice of payment types

  • Competitive merchant agreement

  • Simple to install

  • Improved user experience

  • One reader for open/closed payments

  • Flexible customisable options