Subsidy Controls

In some environments clients need the functionality to provide a daily allowance for their users, and with the subsidy control this is very simple to implement.

This feature is fully controlled through the  Management Portal, enabling you to set the subsidy amount at individual user level or group, choose where and when it can be used and even identify which products are eligible. The subsidy is then automatically recognised at the point of purchase, making the whole transaction quick and worry free.

This level of flexibility is vital in businesses where staff are given a set amount to spend each day, or in an educational setting where catered packages or free meals may be in operation. It takes all the hassle away from the end user, whilst also ensuring the catering manager has full control and visibility of all subsidy activity.


  • Set limits at user level

  • Monitor activity via Management Portal

  • Manage free meals discreetly

  • Automatic daily/weekly re-set