Behind the scenes of high street retail, it takes a small army to deliver the perfect customer experience; head office teams to plan, warehouses and depots to handle the product and distribution hubs to keep it moving around the country. It is these supporting functions that can really reap the benefits of a cashless solution.

The system can work across multiple sites and in different parts of your operation, our clients use cashless cards that work everywhere from HQ to distribution depots and in-store canteens, so their staff can use their cards even when they travel between sites.

Not only will our cashless system keep your operation running smoothly, it will help you to increase sales and generate customer loyalty with targeted promotions and meal deals. Everything is controlled by the system administrator using our intelligent Management Portal. Staff entitlements can be set at user level, with options for restrictions and controls, and all the while this clever tool gathers your data, making running reports a breeze.

For the user the payment ID is so simple. It can be preloaded using cash, credit/debit cards or payroll, so at break time there’s no waiting around they just ‘tap and go’! Users can also manage their cashless account via the mobile app which has many useful features such as viewing transactions and loyalty points, and even placing their food orders ahead of their shift.

We aim to support the biggest and best supermarket brands , and the reason these long-term customers should stick with a  system is because it's functional, secure and traceable. We always deliver when we say we will, and our solutions are reliable and built to last - why not talk to us today and find out what we could do for your organisation?